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our team

Anja and Titus Foellmer, Harald Hanke, Katharina Knothe, Michael Schäfer, Marianne and Dirk Steffen,

Claudia Töllner-Heinrich, Hubert Tschuschke, Ingo Wulf, Anke and Kai Zehnder

An aid organization from Hamburg Meiendorf

the mission

of our association „Nicht schnacken – Machen!"

One can tell, that even in a materialistically rich city like Hamburg, as well as Germany and other parts of Europe in general, there are many people not being able to live a dignified life.

Our motto is being said beautifully in one of the songs of a German band called “Die Ärzte”.

“ Es ist nicht Deine Schuld, dass die Welt ist, wie sie ist. Es ist nur deine Schuld wen sie so bleibt“ -

”It is not your fault that the world is how it is. It is only your fault if the world stays that way.”


It is possible for everybody to help in their own way, extend and accessibility.

During the current crisis we realized how many people talk but not act upon their words. This was the reason of founding this association and calling it “Nicht schnacken - Machen!”
“don`t talk, react and act”.


Our goal is to provide and implement aid pragmatically, individually and fast for people in need. The values of our association are reliability, responsibility and transparency.


The support is supposed to benefit people who are dependent on external aid due to their physical or mental state or financial situation.

The affected persons will receive humanitarian aid in form of nutrition, clothes, daily necessities, as well as medical support and personal consulting, all free of charge.


We initiate projects and take individual measures to ensure the improvement of the living conditions of the affected person. Those measures can be seen in educational, housing and other offers of support.

We are convinced that we are able to contribute to society as a whole and simultaneously provide an impulse to the helpfulness of others with our form of aid.


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